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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Safe Schools Czar Teaches 12-Year-Olds About Fisting, Hides Statutory Rape?

Who can forget the "Fistgate" scandal of 2000, which introduced children as young as 12 years old to the joys and pleasures of sado-masochism and fisting?

I'm so pleased that the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) - the group behind the Fistgate fiasco - is serving in Obama's administration as the director of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools. Let's review Kevin Jenning's ideas about keeping our schoolkids "safe," shall we?

If you don't know anything about fisting, you can read about it on Wikipedia (illustration not work-safe). If you don't know how dangerous it is, read the explanation of possible physical and medical problems toward the bottom of this page.

In short, fisting is a potentially UN-safe activity that I do not want my 12-year-old student being encouraged to participate in, thank you very much, Kevin Jennings.

Jennings founded GLSEN and served as Executive Director of the group at the time of the Fistgate incident.

I'm willing to overlook the fact that, in his own words, he's described his past habitual drug use.Personally, I think it's effective for kids to hear from former drug users as a deterrent from drugs. I don't know if Kevin Jennings shares my opinion on having ex-addicts address schoolkids, but I do know his stance on ex-gays:

"Ex-gay messages have no place in our nation’s public schools. A line has been drawn. There is no ‘other side’ when you’re talking about lesbian, gay, and bisexual students."

So much for diversity...

Here's what really sounds the alarm, though, about Kevin Jennings - while speaking at a GLSEN rally in Iowa in 2000, he told the story of a 15-year-old student who confided in Jennings that he met an older man in a bus station bathroom and went to the man's home in Boston. Jennings recounted that he told the student, "I hope you knew to use a condom."

Professor Warren Throckmorton discusses different written and audio versions offered by Kevin Jennings in regard to the story here.

It is apparent, judging by Jennings's attorney's assertions, that Jennings did not report the incident, as he "had no duty to report anything to anyone."

Excuse me? The written and oral versions of the story do not necessarily contradict one another on the facts - the oral delivery simply provided more details, such as the student's age, and Jennings's self-quoted response of, "I hope you knew to use a condom."

Why would Kevin Jennings use the past tense ("...hope you knew...") and a condom reference if the student did not tell him about sexual activity that had already occurred?

Why, upon hearing that a 15-year-old student was having sex with an "older man," did Jennings not immediately report the incident of probable statutory rape to law enforcement?

Why, upon hearing a 15-year-old student confess that he was meeting older gay men in bus station bathrooms, did Jennings not issue an immediate lecture on personal and physical safety? I mean, I don't let my 15-year-old son go to the mall by himself, let alone give him the opportunity to cruise bus station bathrooms for older gay men.

Perhaps Jennings's apparent endorsement of a sexual relationship between his underage student and an "older man" has its roots in Greek history, as the GLSEN presentation included:

Greek people embraced homosexuality. In fact it was considered normal for adolescent boys to have an older, wiser man as their lover.

Sorry, Kevin Jennings, but I don't feel my children are any "safer" in their schools with you at the helm.

Photo credit:

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Obama's Youth: Indoctrination Started Before Election

Much ado has been made of recently-surfaced videos of school-aged children singing the praises of Barack Hussein Obama (Mm, mm, mm!). Let me assure you, folks, this indoctrination started even before the election, and far before the inauguration.

Until last year, I would have thought nothing like that would happen in my small school district. Our area has, historically, been somewhat conservative, with a general exception made for "west siders" (those relocating to our area from the I-5 or I-405 corridor) and "peace-loving hippies," who have been liberal since the era when it was socially acceptable to use mind-altering chemicals.

Having lived only five years or so on the west side and not being born until 1975, I fall into neither of those groups, and took comfort that the education my children would receive in my area's public schools would be fair, balanced and neutral when it came to politics.

We moved to our current school district in 2005, so we didn't go through a presidential election year until 2008. I grew up in the general area, and recall that political discussion didn't start until high school, and my teachers never publicly supported one candidate over another.

Mistakenly, I assumed not much had changed in my tiny valley.

During the campaign, my fifth-grade daughter participated in a mock-election activity in which students were given "issues" sheets on Obama and McCain that discussed popular, "safe" topics like the environment. No mention, of course, of abortion, policy on Israel or other topics that were discussed routinely in our home. Students were to use the issues materials to defend their choice for candidates in front of the entire class. Children who supported McCain were teased by other children.

My young daughter wrote in her journal to her teacher that she felt the assignment was wrong, because we live in the United States, where we are free to vote for who we think is best, and to have our choice be private. Her remarks did not get her dismissed from the assignment, and when she got in front of the class, she said she supported Obama because she didn't want to get teased. At home, she said that if abortion had been on the issues materials, she would have spoken in favor of McCain, because she feels abortion is wrong, but that the students were instructed to only use the materials provided.

Our oldest daughter played varsity soccer for four years, and at her last home game, the high school's Spanish teacher walked through the stands, handing out "Latinos for Obama" yard signs to students - at a school-sanctioned event.

So when people say that there is no attempt on the president's or the schools' part to indoctrinate my children, I beg to differ.

My sophomore son was the only one who did not participate when his teacher chose to show the president's address to school children. Parents were not notified that the address may be shown and the school district did not provide an advance copy of the suggested teaching materials sent by the Department of Education (co-crafted by the White House). In fact, many parents in our district were only made aware of the "teaching materials" by reading my blog and Facebook posts.

Our area's daily paper reported that "one parent" (presumably me, judging by the time of the article) expressed concern over her children taking part in the planned activities. However, when I called the superintendent of our school, he advised me that at least one other parent had already called to withdraw a student from any planned activities.

Interestingly, our superintendent had not reviewed the suggested materials sent by the Department of Education, as the department sent them directly to school principals, bypassing superintendents. Oversight or calculation?

Our school district, like most, did not provide advance notice of the possible curriculum surrounding the president's speech, deeming it part of a regular curriculum that did not require parental approval.

I beg to differ. When my child will be asked to explain HOW the president inspires him, rather than IF, that's indoctrination. When my child will be asked to answer the question, "Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?" rather than, "Why is education important?" that's indoctrination.

Parents, make a dedicated investment in your children's education. Find out what they are learning in their classrooms. Teach them your own values at home, and give them the self-confidence to hold fast to what they truly believe is right and just, not what will make them popular or get them a good grade.

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Pimps and 'Ho's Unite - It's Glenn Beck Day in Mount Vernon

It's very fashionable to hate Glenn Beck these days. In fact, it's even en vogue to use omission him to paint him in a bad light, as Everett Herald columnist Julie Muhlstein did here, saying that he put a live frog in boiling water. I watched the segment to which she refers, and Beck made a point of saying that the frog was made of rubber - and had a guest confirm it. Muhlstein says Beck "appeared" to throw a live frog into a pot of boiling water, but does not make it clear that the frog was fake. A clipped YouTube video leaves out Beck's reveal about the fake frog, and serves as further evidence of how far the left will go to vilify him.

There are plenty of people who will show up to support Beck as he receives the key to the city of Mount Vernon, but the political climate in Snohomish County, Washington is muddled. It seems that the folks who would persecute Beck, who covered the ACORN prostitution scandals on his show, would also cry "Waste of taxpayer dollars!" at the use of undercover officers investigating a local prostitution operation (read the comments section).

Word has it that a local affiliate of SEIU showed up to Mount Vernon's City Council meeting to protest Beck's appearance and are bringing their posse from the Seattle area to demonstrate at the ceremony. Tea Party participants from various cities and Seeds of Liberty will be showing up to support Beck.

Stay strong, demonstrators (for both sides), and remember that protection of our freedoms from government interference is why our country is great. Be respectful. Be civil. Remember that each and every person among you has the same freedom as you.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

House Votes 345-75 for De-funding ACORN (Carrots and Stick-It Awards for My State)

The Senate took ACORN's housing money, and now the House has taken, well... all of it.

The Associated Press reports:

WASHINGTON — The House has voted to deny all federal funding for ACORN, the community organizing group that has been caught up in several scandals.

The House action came several days after the Senate took a similar vote to block the Housing and Urban Development Department from giving grants to ACORN.

Republicans, long critics of the liberal-leaning group that advocates for the poor, led the effort to cut off all federal funds.

California Republican Darrell Issa, who sponsored the measure in the House, says the "scandal surrounding the criminal activities of ACORN have called into question their role in all aspects of government."

The vote, on a provision attached to a student aid bill, was 345-75. All 75 no votes were Democrats.

Votes for my state's (Washington) representatives were:

Voting "AYE," to de-fund and receiving the coveted Carrot Award:
Voting "NO, we'd like to keep funding the corruption that is ACORN" and receiving the dreaded Stick (it up your...) Award:
I've linked to each Representative's page so that you may call yours and tell him or her what you think of today's vote.

For a full House roll call of votes, go here.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wanna Smuggle Underage Sex Workers into U.S.? ACORN's Got Yer Back!

A portion of video from a fifth ACORN location - San Diego - aired on Hannity tonight:

The helpful ACORN employee in San Diego advises that the dozen El Salvadorian girls, ages 13 to 15, could be shipped into Tijuana - and his contacts could help get the young sex workers over the border and into the U.S.

ACORN really IS just a collaborative effort of community organizations trying to make the world better. I mean, they're just trying to help desperate people to come into our country, where they can work hard and enjoy a certain quality of life...

Should it matter that the desperate people are 13 years old, they'll work hard turning tricks and enjoy an oppressive quality of life? Does that really matter?

Okay, liberal holdouts... Are you ready to uproot the ACORN tree of corruption YET?

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Was ACORN Worker "Playing Along" or "Fearing for Her Safety?"

I've held off on posting about the fourth ACORN sting video from San Bernadino because, honestly, after I watched the available raw footage and read ACORN's response, well, it seemed plausible to me that James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles had been had.

That's not to say that I put any stock into anything ACORN says. It's just to say that after conducting my own research online and being able to discern that, of Tresa Kaelke's traceable husbands, all seemed to be alive (she does appear to have two dead sons, one of which died at the age of 18), which made at least part of her story a lie - whether a lie for shock value or because she was "playing along," I don't know.

However, today I read that ACORN office supervisor Christina Spach said Kaelke pretended to cooperate with O'Keefe and Giles because she feared for her safety.

So, which was it? Was Kaelke having some fun with the two undercover journalists, like ACORN's national website claims, or was she scared out of her wits and trying to appear like someone frightening people wouldn't want to mess with, like Kaelke's local office claims?

This much I am certain of: ACORN seems to be trying to explain away Tresa Kaelke's words and actions at every level. Furthermore, if she was just "playing along," she spent a great deal of time doing it. Hours.

Now, I've never worked for ACORN, and I'm self-employed today, but I have worked for employers before and let me tell you: I can't imagine one of them defending me after I spent hours entertaining myself and playing along with a farce.

In order for either explanation for Kaelke's actions to merit any credibility, we have to believe that:
  1. Kaelke was too frightened for her well-being that she didn't feel she could call the police but could put someone else at "risk" by calling a man across the street to alert him to the scary people and asking him to play along;
  2. Kaelke was so amused at the fact that O'Keefe and Giles were so "not believable" and "somewhat entertaining" that she just had to call up her friend, Mr. Miller, across the street and get him in on the gig; OR
  3. ACORN has so few people to help in San Bernadino, the type of poverty-stricken community that ACORN says they spent endless effort rehabilitating, that an employee like Kaelke has time to engage in frivolous antics for the better part of a day with a couple of young people that she knows are trying to put one over on her.
So, which is it, ACORN? Was your hapless employee playing along, or was she fearing for her safety? Your local and national offices can't quite seem to agree.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Black Kids Beat Up White Kid on School Bus: What is racism, really? reported that a white student was beaten by two black students on a school bus - while other kids chanted and cheered.

"In my estimation, it's racially motivated," said Capt. Don Sax of the Belleville Police Department. He said one reason he had formed this opinion was that many of the students, most of whom were black, yelled their support for the beating.

Racism is WRONG, people. Forming an opinion or harboring a hatred of a person or group of people based on skin color or ethnicity is WRONG.

It doesn't matter if a person is black like the president, white like me, Hispanic like four of my children or Native American like two of my kids. Racially-motivated violence is wrong, and it must STOP.

Parents, it begins with you. Don't leave it up to outside influences your kids may encounter at school or through their friends to establish your children's belief structure.

Practice tolerance and acceptance of others in your every word. If you disagree, criticize the action, not the person.

Frankly, I am tired of being called a "racist" by whacked out liberals every time I disagree with a policy or statement the president makes, or someone he appoints. I frequently disagree with my own children, who resemble a mini youth delegation from the United Nations. In fact, sometimes I get downright angry with them. Does that make me a racist?

Racism is not:

Me disagreeing with the opinion, action or statement of a president of color.
Me speaking against the action of a czar of color.
Me not supporting a judge of a different ethnicity because of his or her view on abortion.
A media source exposing corruption.

Take a look at what racism is, folks:

People ganging up on another person for no reason other than the color of his/her skin.
A black person who hurts a white person for being white.
A white person who hurts a black person for being black.
A person of any race or ethnicity attacking another because he/she's different.

These are KIDS in the United States of America, people. Somewhere, we have failed them by not teaching them to unite against racism.

Photo credit: Belleville Police Department

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CNN Catches Up to the News, Bashes ACORN

CNN finally caught a clue and reported on the ACORN scandal.

I suppose it's now "safe" for mainstream media to call ACORN out on the carpet, now that the Senate has expressed, in near unison, its extreme displeasure with the organization by cutting its housing funds.

Not surprisingly, ACORN spokesperson Scott Levenson continues to assert that the undercover videotapes are a "sham." As CNN points out, questions are being asked of ACORN that its representatives don't want to answer.

Can't say I blame them. Being caught with one's hand in the federal funding cookie jar can't be terribly comfortable.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Gonzo Mama Gets Political in This Week's Column

I was sort of surprised, but not really, when my editor decided to run this.

Surprised because it's not my norm (though I "got down with my political self" in the past), but not that surprised because my editor is really, truly hip. I gave him the option of killing it, though, and sent along a nice, non-political piece unlikely to incite any sort of angry letter to the editor. He chose this one.

Isn't he the greatest? (Gosh, I hope he's reading this... Brownie points?)

Read all of the The Gonzo Mama column pieces here.

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WHACK! Senate Chops ACORN's Money Tree

The Senate voted today to deny housing and community grant funding to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Senate members passed the Johanns Amendment #2355 to H.R. 3288 by a margin of 83 to 7.

Read the complete story at

Well done, Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, bloggers and conscientious citizens who kept the pressure on! Mad props to for breaking the undercover videos that captured ACORN's corruption so perfectly!

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ACORN's Principles and Foundations - "Lifeblood is conflicts with targets outside the organization" posted the "Priciples and Foundations of ACORN" document today:

Principles and Foundations of Acorn -

Notable quote taken from the document:

ACORN’s lifeblood is conflicts with targets outside the organization.

BigGovernment's Mike Flynn says, "In fact, in the coming days, you’ll learn a lot about the full ACORN story. It is an amazing story, in its own way. After waiting years for the mainstream media to finally peel back the ACORN layers, Big Government will have to take it upon itself to do so."

Sounds like a promise for even more ACORNs Behaving Badly, don't you think?

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ACORN New York: Third Prostitution Tape Released

You know, my grandma used to say, "If you do something three times, it becomes a habit."

ACORN has been busted three times now, helping a supposed prostitute and her pimp hide money from the IRS, getting the couple a house for the girl to turn tricks in, offering advice on how to keep pesky underage illegal sex workers quiet and even detailing how to use the trafficked girls to get a tax credit.

First, it was ACORN's Baltimore office.

Next up was Washington, D.C.

Now, it's New York.

If you ask me, ACORN has a very bad habit of conspiring in tax fraud, prostitution and child sex trafficking.

When will a formal investigation of ACORN's activities be launched? When will the mainstream and state-run media actually start covering ACORN's corruption?

ACORN's received millions of dollars in grants from the federal government, folks. Those are YOUR TAX DOLLARS at work, helping to promote prostitution and child sex trafficking.

Is THIS your America?

Any bets on how many more videos will surface?

Again, mad props and a hat tip to for breaking the story and relentlessly following up.

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Bin Laden Tape: Obama "Vulnerable," Can't Stop War

Purported bin Laden message surfaces -

CNN reports:

"To the American people, this is my message to you: a reminder of the reasons behind 9/11 and the wars and the repercussions that followed and the way to resolve it," the message said.

"From the beginning, we have stated many times ... that the cause of our disagreement with you is your support of your allies, the Israelis, who are occupying our land in Palestine. Your stance along with some other grievances are what led us to carry out the events of 9/11."

...In the message, President Barack Obama is accused of being "a vulnerable man who will not be able to stop the war, as he promised, but instead he will drag it to the maximum possible extent."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

He Who Owns the Press Writes the News. Who Owns New York Times?

MAinfo: New York Times Censors Protester Numbers

I love Opus's demonstration of just how large the discrepancy is between media agencies reporting on the turnout at the nation's capitol on September 12, 2009.

New York Times said "thousands." Here's their photo:

Britain's Daily Mail said "two million." Here's their photo:

It would appear that our British friends have again out-reported and out-truthed America's mainstream media. Are we surprised?

Hat tip to Opus #6. Check her out - she's always posting amazing, on-point videos, pics and commentary!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe: Facing Jail Time for Exposing ACORN's Corruption?

ACORN doesn't seem to care that a man interested in running for Congress wants to organize an underage sex trafficking ring. In fact, they are quite willing to help him and his prostitute girlfriend out by giving them advice on how to get housing and claim the young El Salvadorian sex workers as dependents on their taxes.

If ACORN cares so little about the integrity of our nation's future leaders, what does that say about their support of our current leaders? ACORN and Obama have a long history together. That's not an outright indictment of Obama or his policies, but an indictment of ACORN's motives and judgment when it comes to identifying a worthy candidate. I hate to sound like a broken record, but ACORN offered housing help and tax cheats to a man who said he planned to run for Congress after he made enough money by pimping his prostitute girlfriend and her dozen or so underage El Salvadorian charges.

Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe posed as a prostitute and her boyfriend pimp with his sights set on Congress in order to expose ACORN's corruption in a way that conservatives crying, "FOUL!" over and over again could not.

On September 10, 2009, posted video and a transcript of two ACORN employees advising Giles and O'Keefe on how to set up a phony business for the prostitute in order to establish a history of work income so she can qualify for housing assistance. The tax specialist takes great care in selecting the business code for the prostitute, finally settling on "Performance Artist." When the couple share that they plan to bring 13 underage El Salvadorian girls into the country for the purpose of working in the sex trade, the tax specialist assures them that they can claim up to three of the young girls as dependents (but not all 13, because that would "raise a flag" to the IRS) and receive child tax credits.

Naturally, ACORN's response to the airing of the video and transcript was to fire the two workers and insist that they were a couple of bad apples in the shiny ACORN barrel, and not representative at all of the organization.

That was a pretty good story, until yesterday, when O'Keefe and Giles made public their video from the Washington, D.C. ACORN Housing office. The two reprised their roles as pimp/boyfriend/Congressional hopeful and prostitute, with very similar results.

ACORN now claims that the whole effort was masterminded by Fox - not the two young independent undercover journalists - in an effort to "smear" the good name of ACORN.

Let's take a look at that good name. ACORN:
  • is implicated in voter fraud in 15 states
  • has had many of its members indicted for said fraud, and more under investigation
  • has been ratted out by a Las Vegas area field director, who plead guilty and had 13 felony counts against him dismissed in exchange for his testimony
  • has received millions of federal dollars - your tax dollars - to operate their organization, the ethics of which are now being called into question
  • found "numerous discrepancies" in 888 of 1,400 voter registration cards - over half - collected by its own workers in Homestead, Florida
  • has been accused of campaigning for Barack Obama (Why is our current administration so hip to continuing to give federal funding to ACORN? Hmmmm...)
Now, it appears that the Maryland State Attorney General's Office may be preparing to prosecute James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles for their part in uncovering ACORN's corruption, citing laws against recording conversations and disclosing them.

What do you think? Should Giles and O'Keefe be prosecuted for their acts?

If they are prosecuted and, as ACORN claims, the filmmakers have ties to Fox, will Fox provide for their legal defense?

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Want to Start a Brothel of Underage Prostitutes? ACORN is Here to Help!

Have you always wanted to start a brothel of underage illegal immigrant prostitutes? Or are you currently a prostitute concerned about how to fly under the radar of the IRS? Want to know how many condoms you can claim as business expenses or what else you can claim as deductions from your $8000 cash per month earnings?

No worries... ACORN has a tax specialist for you. The best news? You can claim up to three of the child prostitutes working for you as dependents, and get child tax credits!

Oh, and if you always wanted to get a housing grant to house your brothel of trafficked youth sex workers, they can help you out with that, too.

There's no shame in asking for help, and ACORN is happy to provide their services to needy prostitutes for a discounted fee -- only $50, instead of $150 for tax preparation. That price break can be attributed to the ACORN tax specialist's math skills (she calculated that the prostitute made $8000-$9600 per year, based upon the $8000 PER MONTH she reported).
For the complete transcript, visit Big Government.

Is it a hoax? If so, it's hilarious. Is it real? If it is, it's disgusting to contemplate the millions and millions of federal dollars ACORN has received in the form of grants.

If I were Barack Obama, I'd make a plan - immediately - to put some considerable distance between myself and ACORN.

Mad props to Big Government for posting the undercover video.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Watching

A few nights ago, I was discussing my position on the president’s speech with my new friend, Opus #6, via direct messages on Twitter (she's opus_6; I'm TheGonzoMama - follow us!). I was sending her my responses through my Palm while I logged in to my Facebook account to capture a message someone had sent me on the subject, and my response, to send her.

I copied the text and realized I didn’t have her email address. You have comment moderation on, right? I tweeted. I’ll send it as a blog comment. Don’t publish.

Several minutes later, I received the following tweet from her: Can you believe it is still not there on my dashboard yet? What is up with Blogger?

I used my Palm’s keypad to type, He (BHO) knows I’m talking about him – Cybersecurity emergency. Next I won’t be able to txt u from my Palm… I hit “Send.”

Network Fail. I sent it again. Network Fail.

At this point, I really, truly began having visions of an Orwellian nature, and the scene from Minority Report where Tom Cruise walked past the virtual billboard and it started flashing personalized ads at him, based on his identity, which was read biologically.

“Is this what it’s coming to?” I thought. “Are the government and advertisers tracking my every electronic move? Will every word I speak against the president be intercepted? Will I start getting super-targeted ads, based on my identity?”

Doubting my own sanity, I shook the thoughts out of my head and logged back in to Facebook, intending to resend the information I’d attempted to send Opus. THIS is the first ad that appeared in the right-hand column:

*Cue hysterical laughter*

I don't know who Dave Kerpen is, but I do know who Jack Bootthug is... Maybe I could get an interview with him?

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Monday, September 7, 2009

John Harwood Says I'm Too Stupid to Raise My Kids

"Let's face it - in a country with 300 million people, there are a lot of stupid people, too, because if you believe, uh, that it's somehow unhealthy for the kids for the president to say work hard and stay in school, you're stupid. And, in fact, I'm worried for some of those kids of those parents who are upset - I'm not sure they're smart enough to raise those kids." -- John Harwood, on the controversy surrounding Obama's speech to schoolkids (and the accompanying White House-crafted "teaching materials," which are conveniently not mentioned by either the interviewer or Harwood) If you are reading this post in an email or reader, you may not see the embedded video, but can go directly to the video link here.

Listen up, John Harwood, liberal media, and Obama fanatics: Educated, smart parents fall on both sides of this issue. I've taken my lumps from people all over the country, and in my hometown, for choosing to opt my children out of participating in guided classroom discussions created by and endorsed by the Department of Education and the White House.

Furthermore, most parents are not objecting to the speech itself. To be sure, other presidents have addressed school children on a national level through radio and television broadcasts. The issue and unique addition here is the "teaching materials" that are to be used in preparation for, during and following the speech. These materials were produced by the White House and Department of Education for distribution to schools and students. The White House has no business drafting the curricula my children will study.

I just received an email from our high school's principal, informing me that a quiet study time will be provided for students who will not be participating in the classroom activities surrounding the speech. He states, "Like you, several parents have called or emailed that they do not want their children participating in this event." Apparently, parents too stupid to raise their children abound.

Get it straight, John Harwood: Smart parents are raising smart kids. Choosing to opt my kids out of the classroom materials created by Barack Obama shows not only my brains, but my responsibility.

The liberal hatemongers' response to any parent raising a red flag at White House-drafted classroom materials is that we are too stupid to raise our own kids. Perhaps Mr. Harwood thinks our children are better raised by President Obama?

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

If You Can't Get 'Em to Listen to Facts, Try a Little Pussy

The following video was removed from YouTube on September 3, 2009 due to "inappropriate content." It's back up now, but we don't know for how long.

If you're viewing this page from an email or a reader, you won't see the embedded video. You can go directly to the YouTube link here.

I was confused as to why this educational video about the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 might be considered "inappropriate." Then, almost near the end, I saw it:

The conservatives are using pussy to push their ideas!

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Van Jones: Green Guru Gone Bad

Van Jones, a special adviser for the White House Council on Environmental Policy, may have stumbled upon a highly sustainable food source for liberals - eating one's own words.

Twice in the past week, he's made public apologies - one for using a crude term to refer to Republicans, and another for signing a petition that speculated that the Bush administration "may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war."

Jones pointed out that the activities took place before he joined the administration, that his vulgar words were "clearly inappropriate," and as for the petition, "I do not agree with this statement and it certainly does not reflect my views now or ever." Sources with knowledge of the petition signing state that Jones did not read the petition before signing it.

Representative Mike Pence of Indiana said of Jones, "His extremist views and coarse rhetoric have no place in this administration or the public debate," in a statement calling for Jones's firing or resignation.

Let's see - Van Jones speaks without thinking and signs things without reading them or realizing their intent. Representative Pence, are you SURE Jones doesn't belong in THIS administration? It would appear to me that he fits right in.

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What's Right for My Kids: No Obama "Teaching Materials"

I spent a good part of the afternoon on the phone with our school district's superintendent, discussing with him exactly why I don't want my children to be exposed to the "guided discussions" and "teaching materials" distributed and suggested for use by the Department of Education in correlation with President Obama's address to school children on Tuesday, September 8.

For our district, the decision of whether to show the speech and use the suggested materials will be made by individual teachers, not district policy. The principals of each school will have the authority to provide alternative activities and assignments for students who, by parental request, may be excused from participating in viewing the speech and the classroom activities suggested by the Department of Education.

I did not contact our superintendent until I had reviewed the "Menu of Classroom Activities" for grades PreK-6 and grades 7-12, as well as the information provided by the Department of Education regarding the president's intended address. Somehow, I thought if I reviewed the information, my initial sense of alarm would subside.

I was mistaken.

In spite of revision by the Department of Education, the Menu of Classroom Activities remains troubling to me. The original version called for students to ask themselves and write about questions like, "What can I do to help the president?" I, for one, do not believe that my children need to "help the president." Rather, they need to focus on developing strong morals and problem-solving skills. They need to develop their own principles and ethics. They need to develop a sense of personal accountability.

Even the revised versions contain questions for kids like, "Why is it important that we listen to the president and other elected officials...?" and "What is the president asking me to do?" After-speech instruction for elementary school children includes discussion on questions like:
  • What do you think the president wants us to do?
  • Does the speech make you want to do anything?
  • Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?
Pre-speech preparation instructions for junior high and high school students ask teachers to "post in large print around the classroom notable quotes excerpted from President Obama’s speeches on education." Using these excerpts, teachers can "ask students to think about the following:"
  • What are our interpretations of these excerpts?
  • Based on these excerpts, what can we infer that the president believes is important in order to be educationally successful?
Teachers are further suggested to ask questions such as:
  • How will he (President Obama) inspire us?
  • How will he challenge us?
  • Do you remember any other historic moments when the president spoke to the nation?
  • What was the impact?
What's my beef with the intended airing and instruction? Do I think there's something wrong with the president speaking to children, telling them to stay in school, and that education is important? No. In fact, I think that the president should be a positive role model for children and education.

My problem is this: Too many of the recommendations distributed to school principals in anticipation of the president's "historic" speech (can it really be historic, when it hasn't happened yet?) put the focus on Barack Obama, and not on the importance of education.

Teachers who follow the suggested curriculum and select excerpted quotes from President Obama's previous speeches about education deprive their students of exposure to quotes from other great minds and leaders about the same subject. How about:
  • The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. - Alvin Toffler

  • All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth. - Aristotle

  • The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think - rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men. - Bill Beattie

  • It has always seemed strange to me that in our endless discussions about education so little stress is laid on the pleasure of becoming an educated person, the enormous interest it adds to life. To be able to be caught up into the world of thought -- that is to be educated. - Edith Hamilton

Plus, some of my absolute favorites, given the environment of today's political climate:
  • A child educated only at school is an uneducated child. - George Santayana

  • Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. - George Santayana

  • Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands. - Anne Frank

Even more concerning are the suggested discussion questions, which are largely Obama-glorifying. Rather than asking if students remember any other "historic moments" when President Obama gave a speech, why not challenge them to remember historic speeches by any leader, political or otherwise? Abraham Lincoln. Martin Luther King, Jr. The presidential address following 9/11/01. Even Maya Angelou gave a memorable recitation of her poem at Bill Clinton's inauguration... Are these moments to be forgotten, replaced by our limited "history" of great speeches by our current president? These type of questions are narrow in scope, and alarmingly leading.

Rather than ask, "What do you think the president wants us to do?" and "Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?" why not ask "Why is education important?" and "What can we do to be successful in our educations?"

Rather than, "How will he inspire us?" (which I adamantly reject as anything but communicating to our children that they MUST BE and are EXPECTED TO BE inspired by the president) and "How will he challenge us?" why not ask, "Who or what inspires you?" and "How can you use that inspiration to challenge yourself?"

The Department of Education admits that the lesson plans were "hatched" during meetings between the White House and the Department of Education. In my mind, the president does not have the right to "educate" my children to glorify him. My children are taught at home to respect the office of the President of the United States of America. They are taught at church not to worship false idols. The lesson plans focus as much on deifying and promoting Obama as they do on encouraging children to set goals for their own education.

That, Mr. Principal, is why my children will not be partaking in this White House-hatched "education" experience. We will view the speech at home and have unbiased discussion about its importance or triviality.

Thank you for understanding.

Glenn Beck to Get Key to Mount Vernon, Washington - and the Haters Keep Comin'

Glenn Beck, you've just pissed off every liberal in America! What are you going to do next?

I'm going to go on home and get myself a key to the city!

The mayor of Mount Vernon, Washington (only a hop, skip and a jump from where The Gonzo Mama hides in her bedroom, with all the lights off, clicking away on her keyboard in secret because, really, even though she typically doesn't get political on her blog, she's sure "someone" is watching) has announced that he will present local boy Beck with a key to the city on September 26th.

Naturally, hordes of people are upset about the announcement. Protesters have even started demonstrating outside city hall ("Change the locks!" read one sign). I'm not pointing fingers, but I don't remember there being any sort of massive public outcry when media and celebrity figures voiced strong opinions against our last president.

*Cue C+C Music Factory's "Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm..."*

Why has exercise of the First Amendment become so actionable and dangerous these days? I, for one, am pretty uncomfortable with the apparent trend in the White House wanting to "keep track" of something that I might say in "emails or casual conversation" and what I'm posting on my Facebook page. Furthermore, I can't say I'm really excited about the White House being allowed to shut down my Internet and control private networks.

Without getting to the merits of what Beck said or says, I will state I support his right to say it, as well as the mayor's right to stand by and support someone who has an unpopular opinion.

I know that if my right to "voice" my opinion as a columnist was jeopardized, I'd be screwed. I think we can acknowledge the right to an opinion (and the right to express it), without necessarily agreeing with that opinion.

Some of the people I am closest to and admire most in my life have been attacked for having unpopular or minority opinions. I stand by my right to support those people in love and admiration.

For the record, someone who was incredibly clueless called ME a racist once, in spite of the fact that the ethnic children in my household resemble a youth panel for the United Nations. What triggered the remark was a disagreement that I had with a person of a different ethnic background than me. Since I didn't agree with that person, the incredibly clueless woman said I must be a racist. Believe me - the disagreement had nothing to do with the color of anyone's skin. Had the other party been my identical twin, I still would not have agreed with what was being said.

About the woman who called me a racist: It was her opinion, no matter how incorrect, and she felt the need to express it. Does that mean she shouldn't get a promotion at work? Eh -- probably not, even though my opinion is that she's a talentless hag.

I think it's a sad day for America when a person gets publicly crucified for expressing an opinion. I applaud the mayor of Mount Vernon for having the bullocks to make the presentation, even if it makes him one of the least popular people on the planet at the moment.

Is it wrong for me to say, "Get over it!" to the angry mobs? Maybe, but I'm pretty damned grateful to have the freedom to be wrong.

Photo credit: Associated Press

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