Monday, September 14, 2009

ACORN New York: Third Prostitution Tape Released

You know, my grandma used to say, "If you do something three times, it becomes a habit."

ACORN has been busted three times now, helping a supposed prostitute and her pimp hide money from the IRS, getting the couple a house for the girl to turn tricks in, offering advice on how to keep pesky underage illegal sex workers quiet and even detailing how to use the trafficked girls to get a tax credit.

First, it was ACORN's Baltimore office.

Next up was Washington, D.C.

Now, it's New York.

If you ask me, ACORN has a very bad habit of conspiring in tax fraud, prostitution and child sex trafficking.

When will a formal investigation of ACORN's activities be launched? When will the mainstream and state-run media actually start covering ACORN's corruption?

ACORN's received millions of dollars in grants from the federal government, folks. Those are YOUR TAX DOLLARS at work, helping to promote prostitution and child sex trafficking.

Is THIS your America?

Any bets on how many more videos will surface?

Again, mad props and a hat tip to for breaking the story and relentlessly following up.

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The Emotional Driver said...

Citizen Gonzo,
I read so little about current events. I've turned off my cable and do not subscribe to a newspaper. I do read some news on my blackberry. I appreciate your "reporting" of current issues. I don't have many opinions on current events other than I am frustrated with America, its culture, and the high disregard of morality that is prevalent. I do value your insights and opinions and look forward to more reports.


The Gonzo Mama said...

Well, TED, of course you should subscribe to your local paper, because they carry my column!

I don't have television. I get most of my news from Google news and the many news blogs I subscribe to. I think it's really difficult to be incredibly informed on every issue, but there are some that strike a chord with me that I tenaciously follow up on.

I'm glad you enjoy reading this incarnation of Gonzo, my friend.