Monday, September 7, 2009

John Harwood Says I'm Too Stupid to Raise My Kids

"Let's face it - in a country with 300 million people, there are a lot of stupid people, too, because if you believe, uh, that it's somehow unhealthy for the kids for the president to say work hard and stay in school, you're stupid. And, in fact, I'm worried for some of those kids of those parents who are upset - I'm not sure they're smart enough to raise those kids." -- John Harwood, on the controversy surrounding Obama's speech to schoolkids (and the accompanying White House-crafted "teaching materials," which are conveniently not mentioned by either the interviewer or Harwood) If you are reading this post in an email or reader, you may not see the embedded video, but can go directly to the video link here.

Listen up, John Harwood, liberal media, and Obama fanatics: Educated, smart parents fall on both sides of this issue. I've taken my lumps from people all over the country, and in my hometown, for choosing to opt my children out of participating in guided classroom discussions created by and endorsed by the Department of Education and the White House.

Furthermore, most parents are not objecting to the speech itself. To be sure, other presidents have addressed school children on a national level through radio and television broadcasts. The issue and unique addition here is the "teaching materials" that are to be used in preparation for, during and following the speech. These materials were produced by the White House and Department of Education for distribution to schools and students. The White House has no business drafting the curricula my children will study.

I just received an email from our high school's principal, informing me that a quiet study time will be provided for students who will not be participating in the classroom activities surrounding the speech. He states, "Like you, several parents have called or emailed that they do not want their children participating in this event." Apparently, parents too stupid to raise their children abound.

Get it straight, John Harwood: Smart parents are raising smart kids. Choosing to opt my kids out of the classroom materials created by Barack Obama shows not only my brains, but my responsibility.

The liberal hatemongers' response to any parent raising a red flag at White House-drafted classroom materials is that we are too stupid to raise our own kids. Perhaps Mr. Harwood thinks our children are better raised by President Obama?

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Lauren said...


I read a post @ FB under one of my friend's status updates which called people like us (those who are exercising our Constitutional Right to speak up) Retards. I am by no stretch of the imagination a Retard. My school's principal praised my involvement in my child's education and my child's teachers are both opting out of this activity.

I am sorry to those who think I am being un-American. In my opinion, I am being more American by choosing to be vocal and let my discord be known. Isn't that what the country was founded on or am I too stupid to know the facts?

The Gonzo Mama said...

@Lauren - As a family with two special needs children, we don't use the "R" word.

We say "douchebag" instead.

I know our children take their commitment to refrain from the objectionable "R" word seriously... Just this week, I got a call from our school's principal, informing me that my daughter had referred to another student's idea as "douchebaggy."

I was so proud! My kids - changing the world, one douchebag at a time.

Opus #6 said...

LOL at the douchebag word.

I really don't need the pResident to get up in front of my kids and exhort them to stay in school. I have a very good track record on my own, thank you very much. In fact, my 2 grown kids are IN COLLEGE and get GOOD GRADES. So phooey on anybody who questions my parenting. The proof is in the pudding. Come back and talk to me when your kids are 18 to 21 and let's compare notes.

Truly, you have to be very careful how you talk to kids. You have to word things in a way that the kids know you expect great things from them. I remember one really weird Sunday School teacher I had in 5th grade who went on and on all year long about us NOT TAKING DRUGS. I took that as an insult. He treated us as if we were all there on a drug rehab program. Gimme a break. If somebody gets in front of kids and begs and exhorts them to stay in school, that implies that the kids are thinking of dropping out. Must we put these ideas into their heads?

I'll choose my own wording in talking to my kids about how hard they work, and how to plan for their future.

Ahhh. Thanks, Gonzo, for the chance to vent about this.

Lauren said...

YAY! I would have been proud too.

I was shocked to see the "r" word directed at those of us who have so wisely educated ourselves regarding this issue.

I am also the mother of a special needs child so vocabulary and acceptance of others is a high priority in our household as well.

At this point, my primary issue with this event lies with the fact that my three year old and my five year old do not need to know there is any other option BUT to stay in school. They also do not need to be worrying that if they quit themselves, they quit their country. They're kids for crying out loud. The most they should have to worry about is what they're going to play with on the playground or what's for dinner. They don't need to be carrying the weight of the country's success on their shoulders just yet!

But that's just me....

Trish said...

At least you had the option to opt out. Here in Broward County (in FloriDUH) schools aren't giving students/parents the OPT out option which leaves parents only one choice if they don't want their kids to hear what Obama has to say - keep them home from school. Which, it seems, is the exact oposite of what the goal was - to keep kids in school.

So really, who are the douchebags here? The schools who don't provide options so kids can stay in school or the parents who disagree?

And they call us stupid.

Opus #6 said...

Trish, you have a great point, lol. Obama is unwittingly causing kids to be out of school. :-)

The Gonzo Mama said...

Trish, I really can't believe that your school did not give you a choice.

For that matter, my school didn't inform us of whether teachers would be showing the speech or using the suggested materials - it was up to teachers to decide whether or not to participate. It was up to parents to take the initiative and opt their kids out, without knowing which children would be in classrooms with speech and/or related activities.

Anyway, I wrote a "covers all my kids" email. I was informed today, AFTER school, that no teachers showed the speech or used the materials.

I don't know why I couldn't have found that out before today, but... anyway.