Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pimps and 'Ho's Unite - It's Glenn Beck Day in Mount Vernon

It's very fashionable to hate Glenn Beck these days. In fact, it's even en vogue to use omission him to paint him in a bad light, as Everett Herald columnist Julie Muhlstein did here, saying that he put a live frog in boiling water. I watched the segment to which she refers, and Beck made a point of saying that the frog was made of rubber - and had a guest confirm it. Muhlstein says Beck "appeared" to throw a live frog into a pot of boiling water, but does not make it clear that the frog was fake. A clipped YouTube video leaves out Beck's reveal about the fake frog, and serves as further evidence of how far the left will go to vilify him.

There are plenty of people who will show up to support Beck as he receives the key to the city of Mount Vernon, but the political climate in Snohomish County, Washington is muddled. It seems that the folks who would persecute Beck, who covered the ACORN prostitution scandals on his show, would also cry "Waste of taxpayer dollars!" at the use of undercover officers investigating a local prostitution operation (read the comments section).

Word has it that a local affiliate of SEIU showed up to Mount Vernon's City Council meeting to protest Beck's appearance and are bringing their posse from the Seattle area to demonstrate at the ceremony. Tea Party participants from various cities and Seeds of Liberty will be showing up to support Beck.

Stay strong, demonstrators (for both sides), and remember that protection of our freedoms from government interference is why our country is great. Be respectful. Be civil. Remember that each and every person among you has the same freedom as you.

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