Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wanna Smuggle Underage Sex Workers into U.S.? ACORN's Got Yer Back!

A portion of video from a fifth ACORN location - San Diego - aired on Hannity tonight:

The helpful ACORN employee in San Diego advises that the dozen El Salvadorian girls, ages 13 to 15, could be shipped into Tijuana - and his contacts could help get the young sex workers over the border and into the U.S.

ACORN really IS just a collaborative effort of community organizations trying to make the world better. I mean, they're just trying to help desperate people to come into our country, where they can work hard and enjoy a certain quality of life...

Should it matter that the desperate people are 13 years old, they'll work hard turning tricks and enjoy an oppressive quality of life? Does that really matter?

Okay, liberal holdouts... Are you ready to uproot the ACORN tree of corruption YET?

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Opus #6 said...

Really sick stuff. And pervasive through so many different acorn offices and cities. This is very bad.

The Gonzo Mama said...

It IS very bad. While I want to be equally upset over the campaign corruption (New York, anyone?), I just can't.

The mom in me takes over and I get outraged at anyone willing to hurt children to make a buck or for a sick thrill.


drewbreezzy said...

Now people will pay attend to Acorn. As if the voter fraud wasn't bad enough. This is sickening!