Friday, October 23, 2009

President's Pet Networks Stand Up for Fox News

Color me relieved. The White House's "pet networks" stood up for Fox News! Surely, they must be wondering, "If the White House can turn on Fox, are we next?"

The Obama administration has no business telling Americans that Fox is "not a news network."

Barring Fox from the media pool was a shocking and shameful call on the White House's part.

People, I ask, "IS THIS YOUR AMERICA?" Do you want the White House telling you where you can and can't get your news? Do you want your presidental administration directing other networks to "isolate" and freeze out a network because they won't cater to the administration's "controlled" media image?

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The Conservative Lady said...

I wonder if the state-controlled media will begin to see the light. What's happened to Fox can happen to them...just ask the wrong questions and you're toast.
Will be interesting to watch.

Chicago Ray said...

Thats exactly it, they're waking up to the fact that their days as a so called free press are over if they let Obama and his minions shut out and down Fox/ the closest thing to the truth we have.


I wonder what happens next? Will they try to take action action against Rupert Murdock?