Monday, December 21, 2009

Pimps and 'Ho's: Not ACORN, Not Tiger... the Senate

First, go read Michelle Malkin's post here.

Next, ask yourself (and leave a comment about) what your Senators scored for you.

It's clear that the grand Pimp Daddy Reid was willing to pay for votes. Be they Republican or Democrat, Senators now know how business is done in Washington. In my opinion, every Senator who failed to leverage this blatantly broadcast information missed a huge opportunity to grab perks for their states.

The socialists Obamacare advocates made it clear some time ago that they would push the legislation through, no matter what it took. With such a foregone conclusion, why didn't EVERY Senator offer up their sacrificial vote for some senatorial swag?

Perhaps, like me, your Senator got you zilch for Christmas, besides the promise that your federal tax dollars will pay off other states.

Way to go Senate! The first Obama administration "transparency" standard has been revealed: If you're gonna be a whore for your party or your state, get it in writing, and go big!

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