Monday, January 18, 2010

Public Policy Polling has Brown Leading Coakley, 51-46

I am hopeful that tomorrow's voter turnout will reflect the final poll conducted by Public Policy Polling.

With reports of nasty weather, it's going to come down to who is most motivated to get their votes counted. Who is more likely to brave the wind, sleet and snow -- The blue bloods Coakley has been courting, or the blue collars that have turned out in droves to support Brown?

A victory for Brown tomorrow will spark a political scramble, and reveal the answers to the questions everyone has been asking:

Will Democrats succeed in their blitz attempt to pass Obamacare before the Massachusetts Secretary of State certifies the election results (no earlier than January 29th)?

Will Senator Paul Kirk be allowed to provide the 60th vote - as he's promised - in spite of Republican attorney assertions that Kirk's senatorial status will be nullified as of election day, no matter when the Secretary of State gets around to certifying the election?

Could Obama get enough Dem votes out of the House to pass the Senate version of the bill, as it is written, for his signature?

If all else fails, will Democrats really push Obamacare through by reconciliation? Are they really that desperate? After all of the wheeling and dealing? The backroom deals? Will they really scale the entire reform down so that they can pose it as a filibuster-proof budget item, needing only 51 votes to pass?

Make no mistake... Brown winning does not guarantee Republicans -- or any American against the irresponsible, blood-sucking health care reform -- a seat at the big kid table.

Obama's ego is "too big to fail."

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

11-Year-Old Autistic Child Zakhqurey Price Charged with Felony


How does an autistic, cognitively-impaired 11-year-old end up charged with felony assault? This is the story of Zakhqurey Price, who lives and schools in Arkansas with his family.

On October 30 last year, Zakh, according to reports, had a meltdown, resulting in restraining efforts by two school personnel. The adults, allegedly, cornered him and attempted to subdue him. Zakh refused and law enforcement was called in. Minor injuries resulted in the scuffle, but the 11-year-old was thereafter suspended for 12 school days, charged with felony assault, and booked as a juvenile.

For 3 months before the incident, his grandmother, Carole Reynolds, had been requesting an Individual Education Plan (IEP), required by law, to help Zach, who has an IQ of 68 and reads at a 2nd grade level, develop more solidly in school and assuage behavioral concerns. She tried to get things right early on, but was told to wait till school started. "We [had] made requests to receive a copy of his evaluation/assessment results before the October 15th temporary placement IEP meeting and were refused because they said it was not allowed by state law," she is quoted in an Examiner news article. Reynolds also "repeatedly asked for a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), and positive behavior plan with positive behavior strategies," but was unable to secure the requests. Zach was also denied Physical Therapy since, school administrators told her, he could "get around ... just fine." And despite recommendation by a counseling center that Zach be provided a full-time aid, he never got one. At an October 15th meeting with school administrators, "suggestions and guidelines were agreed upon but no formal positive behavior support plan was completed." Two weeks later, their incompetence bore fruit. And though in his IEP it states police intervention would be ruled out, Zach left school grounds in handcuffs.

Read more here: Children in a hostile world - The Daily Voice - Black America's Daily News Source

A few questions I have about this case:

1. Why isn't this getting more media attention?
2. Why did the school enroll Zakh in a special education program without a complete IEP, as required by law?
3. Were the school staff members who cornered Zakh and attempted to restrain him certified and trained to do so?
4. Why did the new school district fail to implement the recommendations of the prior district, such as a full-time aide, to keep Zakh, other students, and staff safe?

Mainstream media has yet to pay attention to Zakh's story, but you can learn more here, here and here. Donate to his legal defense here. Join the Facebook group to support Zakh here.

As the mother of two special needs children, I am outraged at how the school district failed this child... and then pressed charges against him for their failure.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Do You Want Obama Protecting You?

Days ago, Gateway Pundit linked to a BBC article that claimed that the suicide bomber responsible for the CIA deaths in Afghanistan "was courted as a potential informant" for the CIA.

The bomber had intimate "knowledge of the base layout and its security practices," according to the Los Angeles Times, and may have been taken onto the base by CIA operatives who wanted to turn the man into an informant.

The very next day, HotAir reported that clear back in October, Saudi Arabia's chief counterterrorism official went to all the trouble of setting up a meeting with John Brennan for the express purpose of saying, basically, "Hey, dudes! I just lived through this crazy assassination attempt, and--oh, snap! You guys ain't gonna believe this but--an Al Qaeda dude trained in Yemen tried to blow me up with EXPLOSIVE UNDERWEAR!"

Did this warning spur top security officials to check the underwear of suspected terrorists-training-in-Yemen who made their way onto watch lists? Uh, no.

Oh, and remember the White House party-crashers, Tareq and Michaele Salahi? Well, Politico reports they weren't the only uninvited guests to get through the White House door the night of the state dinner. Apparently, a third party crasher managed to get through security. What's more, the State Department picked the guy up and DROVE HIM TO THE WHITE HOUSE.

Is it any wonder Obama got a "good solid F" for protecting Americans?

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

- Goomba News Network -: When to Shoot the Colonels by Tom Baugh

I'm a big fan of Oathkeepers, but never really thought about how effective or ineffective they may prove to be, if America finds itself in a situation where U.S. military personnel are ordered to disarm Americans. Give the following a read:

- Goomba News Network -: When to Shoot the Colonels by Tom Baugh