Monday, January 18, 2010

Public Policy Polling has Brown Leading Coakley, 51-46

I am hopeful that tomorrow's voter turnout will reflect the final poll conducted by Public Policy Polling.

With reports of nasty weather, it's going to come down to who is most motivated to get their votes counted. Who is more likely to brave the wind, sleet and snow -- The blue bloods Coakley has been courting, or the blue collars that have turned out in droves to support Brown?

A victory for Brown tomorrow will spark a political scramble, and reveal the answers to the questions everyone has been asking:

Will Democrats succeed in their blitz attempt to pass Obamacare before the Massachusetts Secretary of State certifies the election results (no earlier than January 29th)?

Will Senator Paul Kirk be allowed to provide the 60th vote - as he's promised - in spite of Republican attorney assertions that Kirk's senatorial status will be nullified as of election day, no matter when the Secretary of State gets around to certifying the election?

Could Obama get enough Dem votes out of the House to pass the Senate version of the bill, as it is written, for his signature?

If all else fails, will Democrats really push Obamacare through by reconciliation? Are they really that desperate? After all of the wheeling and dealing? The backroom deals? Will they really scale the entire reform down so that they can pose it as a filibuster-proof budget item, needing only 51 votes to pass?

Make no mistake... Brown winning does not guarantee Republicans -- or any American against the irresponsible, blood-sucking health care reform -- a seat at the big kid table.

Obama's ego is "too big to fail."

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rosey said...

Isn't it nice to get what you wish for! Now that we turned a blue state red (sort of -- because it was the Dems that deserve most of the credit for that)we need to keep those who advocate for sensibility and fiscal responsibility in our follow-up to-do lists to ensure that their words mean what they said......